March 8, 2021

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From The Wise Old Man

$100 Fishing Shopping Spree on

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What is going on on, every person? In these days, I invite you guys to come back with me on a $a hundred looking spree at want.Com So let me simply begin off with the aid of pronouncing i am not subsidized via wish.Com, desire.Com has in no way reached out to me here is the thing with want.Com there may be quite a few noise and quite a lot of junk on there however there is quite a lot of particularly cool matters that I rather don’t see in American markets so i admire to buy on wish.Com for the reason that there may be a bunch of stuff for rather cheap, probably the most stuf is– it is ok stuff it’s decent best stuff, some of it is complete rubbish and also you guys have visible us, in our last movies, we bought some pretty garbage stuff however we additionally got some pretty good stuff i’ll exhibit you in these days how I rather go through this app and how I start discovering my stuff very well, first off, begin by going to want.Com very well, so the dwelling web page is sincerely a random circulate of a bunch of crap um, I prefer to browse through, let’s go by means of that seem at these fishing reels for $8 $eight fishing reel? I ponder how excellent will it truely be? Let’s take a appear at this 5:2:1 all right, this spinning reel it appears lovely great from the snapshot now i will be tr–i am going to check out and spend $100 my restrict in these days is i’m going to take a look at and spend like round $100 on, um, on extraordinary merchandise so that i can make videos on them I think that’s a just right price range considering all of these items is being shippied from from China, so it takes just a few weeks for it to definitely get here and so they get right here at extraordinary instances so it is type of like, I put $100 in and then I get items like Christmas, for the subsequent whole month and it can be exquisite it can be just a shock, and that i relatively like that detail of it anyways, back to this this fishing reel looks okay $eight look, it says it can be on sale from $369 that is a lie i am not–i’m going to get off of this so let’s- let’s start by way of typing in let’s search for fishing stuff fishing hmm.Ooh, whopper ploppers i admire whopper ploppers have you guys used a whopper plopper before? This isa knock off, referred to as the "sea Knight Whopper Plopper" and how much are they? $1.Eighty each. In comparison with what, like how a lot is a whopper plopper this present day? Like $12? Oh my goodness. That’s simply too luxurious. I’m going to order any such i will buy oh, there is different sizes too this section continuously confuses me, what the heck is the sizing? O.K., so that’s– that is once I gotta, uh, get a couple of sizes, let’s are attempting one at like, eight that need to be huge and then i am going to try a further one at 5 after which i’m going to are attempting an additional one at three ok and it says that supposedly it’s $38 each I believe that’s a lie for sure let’s go back, let’s see what else there is, let’s examine what else hmmm I’ve gotten this kind of fish alarms earlier than, i have no longer yet used it nevertheless it appears just like the snapshot it’s lovely low-priced feeling $eight for this mega, mega reel? Appear at this The LJ 3000-9000 fishing Wow it is more often than not going to interrupt very soon, i do not trust that, i’m not going to do that one ummm hmmm, hmmmmma $1 for 500 hooks? Woah.I like these packages, i like $1 hooks, for definite Uh, notably if i am doing like, bait fishing and catching smaller fish, i don’t really want a hook that is super tremendous robust, these hooks are sharp, I believe I’ve gotten whatever just like this earlier than i’m going to get a further one seven hundred–70 portions for $1 500 portions for $2 i am getting 500 Oh my gosh, 500 hooks for $1 I’mma do two of those i’m going to supply one to you– i’m going to give away one to you guys okay So I introduced that Hmmm Ooh, I was advocated — I was once recommeded to take a look at this one out the transportable fishing net for, that is– I’ve under no circumstances used this factor before but I believe that this thing might capture various stuff in contemporary water and in salt water appear at that It collapses particularly small alright, i’m getting any such oh, that is cool woah, tremendous one woah, even huger, woah! Mega! That’s too big.I’mma do a small one i’ll get one buy with Denn. They may be handiest like $5 for probably the most high-priced one! Okay, i’ll do 6 holes after which i’m also going to do four holes k. So I’ve bought seven gadgets in my cart now and once I get these all shipped to me, i will do an unboxing and i’ll exhibit you guys what it actually physically appears like and i will be giving some of these things away when you consider that why now not? I such as you guys i love placing out with you guys and why no longer share? Oh, yeah, oh right here it is right right here yeah, you guys don’t forget this one? The automated atmosphere rod? They’ve been stealing so much footage from us and now not asking our permission, and utilizing it for his or her for their advertisements however some thing, it is a fun rod I don’t need an additional Hmmmm i’m looking for some more large-ticket items, what if we looked for like a drone? Like a fishing drone or some thing i will seem into that a pair extra scrolls guys, that is addicting simply to scroll through this various it’s the same stuff again and again, however every so by and large you can find anything form of exciting oh, what is this? Computerized fishing hook tier? K.I am getting that. Automatic fishing hook tier, seem Motor switch, hooks, oh wait it’ll literally just tie it for you? I don’t think that! I’m getting it. I’ll get one in green. Ok. Now let’s seem up some extra gigantic-ticket objects how about fishing drone let’s see what we discover with that hmm $23?! You’ve gotta be kidding me, man! Are you kidding me? $23? I could have to get the sort of, I’ve obtained to investigate how so much shipping is, however I believe that shipping probably like $100 Woah, this is kind of cool but i do not see the way it’s a fishing one. I want one that can drop you know, that can– like this! Like this one proper here the person who can drop the It bought one big name Mmm. I have no idea, i do not believe it! I don’t believe that or how about such a fishing RC boats? Mmmm No, i don’t see any drones that I relatively like, let’s seem up fishing RC RC fishing boats woah, these seem type of cool they seem type of cool so this will absolutely Launch your friend bucket in the market and it would also drop your hook in the market That appears more like for freshwater stuff, i do not suppose i need that ok, so i’m just going to appear up some telescopic rods due to the fact that I had a just right expertise with this one and i wanted to exhibit you which one it was hmm, so you guys will realize there’s one million unique matters and one million of the same matters simply one of a kind photographs um, essentially how this works is they’ve many warehouses in China that every one sell similar/ the equal products and it is just a matter of unique marketers for me, my expertise with purchasing these telescopic rods is it is 50/50 commonly they may be absolute junk and frequently they’re sincerely lovely excellent and they’re great for my kayak, they’re high-quality for just having in my truck the one in unique that i am speakme about I nonetheless can not find like you gotta dig, man, you gotta dig like what the heck is that this rod? That is an ice fishing rod that is a bizarre looking one possibly i’m going to get this kind of to head ice fishing nah, too rattling cold oh, this one this was surely noticeably durable the sougayilang one I consider in addition they promote this on amazon, it is available in a number of specific sizes and surely it can be decently strong I recollect that the one that I bought was once slightly too floppy to be utilizing with topwater and jigging, however for bait fishing, it really works first-rate so i will clearly add yet another this kind of on $12, k, i’ll do that how lengthy do i get, let’s get the additional tremendous one that’s $23? The extra huge is $24 something, let’s see i will add that on hmm what else am i able to search for, guys? What if I searched like, crazy fishing crazy fishing let’s see what comes up what the heck? Mermaid women mermaids, mermaids, mermaids, k [Erin silently laughing in the background] Lot’s of mer– i am not kidding! It is all mermaids right here, Erin! After which there’a shirt that claims "loopy fish woman" and theres this man that’s lifting– that’s making use of a weight look at how–seem at the role of that look on the function of that, where he’s bought it right here appear at this dude oh my gosh, Erin, look at this.He is testing a scale out he simply has to keep it in that function right there it reminds me of those Shaolin, like, monks, who do this kind of coaching the place they like they ram their ballsacks and their jimmies they get a stick, they get a rod and identical to they start boom, increase, increase! And this is to exhibit how robust they’re um, that’s what this photograph reminds me of and um, that promotion did not work for me, i don’t handle that what else? Ooh, these seem good but $26? It’s panther martin company I have no idea if I suppose that untrustworthy, i’m now not trusting that one some of them I see and i’m identical to, "i want it." "Ireally–" Oooh! What is that this one? What the heck? How am I supposed to use that? It would not have any hooks ok, i guess you connect this on to your line like a fish finder? All right, no, I have no idea how i’m going ot use that oh, look at this fancy fish finder correct right here oh, it;s like a watch that you simply put on and then the opposite half is this sonar that you just throw out ahhh, style of like a deeper besides it hook up with your wise watch as a substitute of your smart phone no thanks, i’ve two deepers and they’re– i don’t even use them i don’t particularly use my deepers that so much considering truthfully to have — to have a separate rod simply in your deeper it is sort of a — sort of a ache within the butt, and i would as a substitute just have it on the part of my kayak however i am now not on my kayak always, so Deeper, i do not quite- i do not relatively use it that much any longer seem at this one what de heck? It’sh formed like an precise fish this is so foolish, i do not need that free hooks? A hundred piece, simply pay transport just pay $20 transport in general do not believe it you guys have got to be careful when you’re purchasing on here seeing that a few of them have hidden costs like say some of them are like $1, they might be charging you $20 delivery and also you will not comprehend except you to investigate out oh, appear at this fish bite alarm that’s type of cool that’s variety of cool, it’d be better than bells, bells are kind of worrying i will get one of these very well, just a few extra items ooh, how about underwater drone? Do they have got underwater drones? No, they don’t okay, i am just going to investigate what’s in my cart proper now, see what the complete is i possibly at $a hundred already $96 and $forty seven is transport k, transport for these whopper ploppers are $four each, the 500 piece hooks rate $6 to ship these bait traps fee $four to ship, $three to ship, this automated hook tier rate $5 to ship the chum bucket charges $2 to ship sogayilong costs $12 to ship? That is kind of costly o.K., i’m going to do that i want you guys to remark beneath, what are the things that you’ve visible on this site thatyou suppose that you’d use? Might be i’ll get it, probably i’ll are trying it so you don’t need to get it first My whole is round $100 $forty seven of that was simply shipping Granted, I bought like eleven objects, for $100 let’s examine how this works out i am gonna be getting these in the mail within the following 3-4 weeks i will be unboxing all of them are living, or i’m going to be making a video of unboxing them however i need you guys to tell us when you like this type of episode, for those who preferred staring at me store by way of want.Com and if there is any objects on wish.Com that you simply want to see us are attempting comment that below, I need to do a new sequence of YouTube videos the place you guys type of come looking with me whether it be amazon.Com, whether or not it be exact, like at bass professional or like at dicks carrying goods simply to exhibit you the kind of matters that I seem for once I’m in reality browsing you cane come to be spending a lot of money on vain crap let me be the one who spends the money on vain crap, to exhibit you guys if it’s sincerely useless or if it can be sensible this is our job right here is to check out and inspire men and women to move fishing and is to train as many humans and impact as many men and women as possible I wish to endorse you guys to go to senkoskipper.Com we now have obtained various fairly cool stuff on there plenty of tutorials, various fun stuff on there, check it out guys we now have also acquired a proposal field in there and in that suggestion field i would like you guys to tell me stuff that you wish to have to peer in new videos so say you wanna see us do this product from amazon, or this product from want, I wanna be aware of, and it can be difficult to read by way of all the comments in the movies but the recommendation field is a good position to truly submit this because we read via all of them I had a best time browsing, with a bit of luck they’ll be here in a single piece and swiftly and hopefully they’re all best stuff see ya, guys

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