September 22, 2021

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2019 Top 5 Bass Fishing Baits Lures – OOW Outdoors

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Hey guys welcome back to the channel once again it’s Konerri from out of work outdoors today, I’m gon na be going over my top 5 bass fishing lures in no particular order. We’Re gon na. Do the chatter basement this this bait? I use a lot on my online tournaments because it’s a big bass, bait. Okay, you know it’ll get those five and six pounders to to crunch down on it, and I also be very well during tournaments if the conditions allow for it. I’Ll put it that way. I’Ve also water cover tournaments and it’s also been a major player in for this year. I’Ve even developed like two different setups for it. So yes, one know more about the ChatterBait i’ll. Have the video maybe up here somewhere. So you can go so you can go! Watch the full review on it, I’m gon na ChatterBait the chair mate. To me it does two things: it’s like a crankbait for the grass and it can cause reaction bites too. So it’s been a major player. I like it a lot. It’S put me in the winner’s circle, you can say or to put me in contention many times, and this is just one of those Lords where I throw in the morning and but the majority of time it’s gon na, be in the morning yeah, okay, but it Puts a big fish. Alright number two number two number two there’s the think. Oh well! This was actually a Bass Pro sink. Oh, it’s! A stick. Oh worm is what they call it, but the way I have it rigged is a little bit different. This is more about the rigged on cinco, because if you guys notice, it’s got a keeping giant hook on there and the o-rings. I got two of them on there, color only o-rings. I don’t think matters much, but I have the o-rings on like an X pattern and then you hook through the X. So what that does is it keeps the worm the hook? You know 90 degrees from each other and it just increases the hook up ratio big-time and to even increase it even more than that, almost 100 % ratio is you put a gaping hook on it. This is a VMC Nikko hook. You can get them locally, but the size it was just hard a bit to get the size is a to us. It’S the biggest one. They offered it. Why so big? Well we’re gon na be catching big fish with this, this is uh. This is the rig. I go to during the spring during the spring of big females on bed. You want, you want some beefy. I throw this on a bait caster with thirty pound braid and a twenty pound fluorocarbon leader. So that’s what I’ve been thrown at all year on and passed over care, so they don’t care. I don’t care, I throw something you know, but it’s been showcased a couple times of tournaments with Tomcat tournament, where I caught one in the slop hit a frog missed. It fired back out there with a shank out that same exact thing. It was set up and he smokes it, but it’s about 20 yards out through slop. I was able to you, know horse and do all that. So that’s a big big gear on. Oh, thank you Nexen Formosa. I think you guys. Can we talk about this guy a lot? This is the little Chi tech. 2.8 pick your poison in terms of colors. I tend to stick with the shad patterns and on rare occasions I would throw a bluegill color. The blue color is called electric chicken, no electric blue gill, it’s like a rural, bright orange and it works well too, but the jig head, the jig head, is from Buckeye and it’s got a little screw lock here on the shank of the hook. So you can just twist it on so you have super glue and it holds on normal again and it’s just perfect. I love it, throw it all the time. The way I fish, it is basically I check it out there and I think the bottom hop it twice. If I don’t get a bite, I just a little roll it back and then fire out again and it’s a real, simple, real, simple bait. So for a beginner bait, it’s actually pretty good, but it’s a little expensive, sighs all right, but that’s my swim bait and it’s great for heart conditions, good or high pressured situations and you fish. It fast cover a lot of water with that, and if, if I can’t get able to bite on the little 2:8 and I’m forced to fish on Ned rig, I think never fishnet rings if I’m forced to fishnet rigs. This is an intrigue that I do. Okay, so this is an owner, jig head or net head, it’s so mushroom head, but I like the hook so pay attention to that. The head looks really good. All right. The hook is pretty stout because I throw bait caster I’ve been able to produce pretty pretty good-sized fish with this yeah big smallmouth uh stuff like that and the color other the body itself. He could you could throw the see ants I’ll have the z-man there. I just don’t straight black, but this is actually a locally poured body and the guy’s. The name is John he’s from cast mowers, and now he has a Facebook group, a Facebook page almost sure the links that I think you request from him buy from him by locally and just tell them straight back and that’s what I throw straight black straight black. Well, it’s my preferred color and there’s one of the only cause I throw okay. So that’s the mid lane fish the net. Is that bomb it out there long councils key bombing out there hop it twice. I’Ve a got. Ta buy then hop another two times bring it in throw to get through back out. I don’t even on the real end. I don’t even slow on. I just burn it back in i flipped it back out there. I’Ve been able to go behind a lot of people and catch fish with with that set up right there, okay and then here’s my last one. This is the one that i carry all the time. It’S a jig right, but i don’t hardly ever have a tight on. I don’t have a tight on until I notice that it is time for the knockout punch right. So I’m not a Jake person. I’Ll, be honest, I’m not a Jake person. I don’t throw the jingle of time. I prefer the text to make plastics over a jig. The only time I throw this jig is. When I like say I realize I’m either behind well. Typically, if I’m behind I’m not gon na telling Jake it’s when I know I’m in contention to win and I’ll throw the jig or if I pull third area that it’s just like it just looks so, there’s gon na be there’s got a big Bo. You know big bass in the rocks or something I’ll throw the jig. So I’ve been working on Jake my jig game. I’Ve been working on it, it’s my weakness. They were working hard for a while and for me, when you say jigs, it’s not brush pile fishing. It’S not skipping dogs, it’s not that time that time so me throwing the jig is there’s offshore structure, no rocks primarily or shale beds, and you know yeah. You got ta, throw something out there. That’S where my jig comes in this jig is a missile baits headbanger. I like the head design on it. It’S kind of really it’s like a diamond shaped head design Mike Mike Iaconelli, and it’s got a medium wire. Okay, it’s not a gaping big buyers to medium work, and you need that when you bomb these things so far out, you know fluorocarbon even on 20 pound for carbon you’re. So far out there you don’t always get a good hook set or hook good hook penetration. So you need a more medium wire hook and that’s right! That’S me! Since I’ve done Jake person, I can say that my hug sets are not back in okay, the power behind stop that good. So I need a medium wire to deliver the blow and bring it home. The jig itself is actually it’s actually a fairly neat jig jig, shell. I don’t think a lot of people can carry it in storage, so this is the pack of slim, the forage with the Pinterest I blew it comes dyed blue, which is something I like. I really like it. I don’t know why other companies own anymore, but kudos and thumbs ups and everything likes to paca for that, so it comes die, blue, red or black. I think you could get a pre died. That’S that’s excellent. I always buy pretty died, but it was where do I fish the jig? Oh so the Jay took me I’ll, give you a story, and then hopefully that illustrates when you need a throne, Jay, okay, so Jay. I think everybody knows that I came in second place. So the BBK C, with it, with this exact st

James, a half ounce, I thought a Jag – would I absolutely have to you know I don’t usually just go out and start chuckling gee. I thought of green bait. You know ten times in front of a jig I’ll, throw everything else infront of the jig. But I do understand the jig will put out big fish if it gets bit so maybe KC 2019 up until about maybe 11 something 11:30. I was talking my traditional stuff all summer. I just mentioned that got me to about 78 inches, but there’s like a million people stacked at 78. You have to do something different to to get in front. So when I uploaded my fish and check the leaderboard I knew I was behind. I was in the top 15, but it was only a matter of seconds between you and it wasn’t matter of like inches, not even in just quarter inches between you, tiebreakers long as I get between nanomites. I looked at the leaderboard and I saw my buddy Mike and I knew he was doing a jig too, and he was doing really well. He was already at 85 inches, so I figure all right. We have this jig if we need to start using it. So scrap the gameplan get your biggest beefiest rod out, put the jig on it. Well, I don’t. I’M already have finesse Jake tied on, but cut the fin density off. Put the full go on and go to town. You need to get something going. Some big bass by so anyways, like I start doing things I’m not supposed to do start fishing, offshore islands, type, stuff and kids who’s. One spot winds blowing on it. It’S weird how it worked that day. It’Ll probably never happen again, but there’s wind blonde. That’S crosswind! There’S mud coming off of the island winds blow like 25 miles an hour, and I throw my little Kai check out there. I get smoked first cast, take a 15 inch er, but I think there was like two or three fish that, because I remember it bit once twice and then the third one got it. So I got three bites of one cast, so I knew as a decent population. It was like a 15-inch er, so I figure go ahead. Put that down the fives jig out there. I found a jig out there and I started catching them in the next hour. I will call out four of my five fish. Those four would bring me all the way up to. I think it was 87 inches which was good enough for second place, and that was all done on the jig okay. So that’s that’s where my my jigging comes in and the other thing is, if you are in contention to win and you need a big bite and you can find areas where you can say. Okay, I just need one more bite and I got this. You know jig jig plays that role, alright, guys so anyways, that’s my top 5 for 2019, hopefully that uh that helps you guys. I know this. This year, I’ve been more of a finesse I’m trying to build more fitness into my. My my lineup before this year was all power fishing. You know – and I didn’t know with that too, but you know there’s some this year I try. I started out power fishing and I just kind of knew: wasn’t gon na be a power fishing year, so I forced myself to adapt to finesse the finance game and guess what guess? What, when the hang on you, my brother, my brother, four wins it doing mostly financed mostly so his game of strong finesse, much much stronger game finished. I am he’s won three eight years he’s the only one to win three angler years for our circuit and he’s only the one to win it back to back. So he’s just he’s that game where he throws a lot of shaky hands. He throws a lot of you know: finesse, tough, Ned rigs, a lot of Dragon worms, type stuff, long, swim, baits. He doesn’t throw our mates, he doesn’t throw full-sized jigs, so that’s me and he doesn’t run correctly. So that’s that’s all! That’S me. That’S him! We need to know, there’s no totally different things and you’ll see when he releases these videos how different his top fives are gon na be from mines. Okay. So so, if you like this video, if it helped you out, if you even you know, if we helped you out a little bit, give me a thumbs up subscribe the channel, it maybe even share the video, and so with that being said, that’s the end of The video I will see you on the next one and good hunting good fishing tight lines, see you on the next one. Everybody thanks for watching, but stop reloading need you guys to hit the subscribe button, the like button and the bell and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll see you guys on next one.