March 8, 2021

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3 Must have Fishing lure for beginners bass fishing

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What’s up YouTube is salts outdoor life today. We’ve got another product to review Actually we got three is it three? Yeah, 3:30 I meant But today we’re going to go over three products that I encourage everybody to buy the sheeter stick around Alright first things first is this h2o Express This is Academy’s brand of lures and from what I saw they look like they’re Really good lures First thing first impression is it is for July essentially three jointed so as this bait is swimming in the Water it’s actually going to mimic swimming blue gills One thing I like about it is it does have rubber as the gills and your fins The tail is even rubberized and Yeah, it’s just really good quality, I love the hook hooks first out Just a close-up so you can see Those colors are beautiful They don’t a good job on their colors It’s going to be the same on both sides.

So As you’re reeling this in this is just going to Move in these joints, so it’ll actually maneuver mimic actual fish swimming All right. That’s the first one Second one Love this snuff For open instant that’s about it. If you haven’t checked out our view on this field puffing off. I will leave a link At the end of this video go and check that out and it’ll tell you It’ll be a review on what my thoughts are on this field pop one knife bus.

Ugh But these are three lures that every fisherman every beginner should ever have and Why a beginner it is literally if you don’t have one of these colors in your tackle box. There’s something wrong These Right now bass are tearing these up in Alabama. Just this green kind of green top with that orange belly on Rapala makes awesome lures. I’m a huge fan of Rapallo and The good thing about these Rapala is They found it It’ll dive up to six feet Top back on so you can actually see that as you can see dives to six feet of water, so The more you crank it the deeper it goes Another that is a good beginner’s bass sliver Come on There we go The third one is one I’ve not really used a whole lot I’ve used some similar to it Again if y’all hadn’t checked out that review on that field foot mop go check it out This is another Crankbait another green.

This is a black top with a mixture of red and green underbelly Striking they are a well known brand. I do recommend their products as much as I do Republic I love their hooks They are really really sharp About have one stuck in my finger just a minute ago getting this thing out of here the deep bill Makes us swim a little bit deeper this one, right? Here we go, if you can see that or not, but it’ll do 12 feet So you can go up to 12 feet with this crankbait so if you’re fishing and Bass or just not wanting to cooperate and they’re really really deep. This will get down there to them if you’re in Any deeper you’d want to go to a bigger size crankbait, of course But this is just a good deeper crankbait, that’s still not obnoxiously be The other ones more for shallow fishing lures or shallow fish, although I said lures No but anyway But this when I get down there deeper About it’ll actually do double the depth of that Rapala which is a really good thing in case you know, you can’t get to them with the Rapala you have this one and Like I said in Alabama right now, we’re crushing it with these green cream baits I tried a couple red crane baits and Yeah, they just wasn’t doing the tree but this green one But let’s dive back up and I’ll give you my overview And we will also leave a link down in the description below to where you can find these lures All right So back up My personal opinion if you’re just starting out or you hadn’t been fishing in a while or anything like that I hope they inspire you to go out and try catching some ten pounders and plus I hope you catch a 12 pound bass But overall, I’m really pleased with these lures I haven’t got to try them out yet.

I was going to get yeah, just looking over all these lures There’s another shot of this one I’m really happy and I cannot wait to try these out just to see how they do, you know, maybe I do not catch me a wallhanger But these are phenomenal lures I’ve always been like I said a fan of Rapala and these are just Really good basic and like good lure bass lures for beginners Because it’s more your advanced people already have these in their tackle box But especially at these two green colors but you know if you’re trying to go out and Don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. These are great alternatives This one, I believe I paid $5.00 for The Rapallo is a little bit more expensive. I believe it was about $8.99 and then the striking I believe that was also $5.99 also But you know if you’re ready to get back out in fishing Let’s go These lures will do the trick We’re and these lures will do the trick They go from all debts all the way up.

So whatever you’re fishing it does not matter Especially this mad I think ah, that’s just sexy looking. Look at that. That’s beautiful, I’m just really happy about all these I Really? This ins just keeps drawing my eye because of the color and the painting on it like it will gently looks like a blue you I actually Let me get y’all better a close-up on me They actually spent some time painting that thing And is so lifelike So, yeah, I bet that one’s gonna be the trick this year Like I said if y’all hadn’t subscribed yet, I don’t know what you waiting on subscribe now buddy and Always leave us a comment. We’re always open to suggested videos that you’ll want to see if you haven’t checked out our Feel pup one SOG review go check that out.

I will leave that to leave it in this corner But go check that out and I will see you on the next video.

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