March 8, 2021

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Beginner Beach Fishing Tips: Using Plugs and Lures

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I think it’s gone- no it’s still here! Yeah-heah! That’s what I’m talking about! That top water bite is so fun! Day one in Florida! We flew down to, um, Orlando yesterday, and this morning we are out on the surf trying to catch some fish! This month, the Senko Skipper team is in Florida on a mission to create videos to help the world learn more about salt water fishing. We’re here to explore one of the world’s most fantastic fishing locations, and document the fascinating world of fish that live in Florida’s oceans. So stay tuned for a month filled with great fishing, monster fish, and all the methods you need to start catching them yourselves.

I am using what’s called a “Gibbs Bottle Popper.” Gibbs is the brand, and this is called a bottle popper and what you want to do is work it side to side when you’re out on the water. It makes a whole bunch of splashing, fish will see that there’re splashing above and come up and strike it! So, the goal with this is to cast it far, it’s pretty heavy, probably 2 ounces right here. Try and get it out as far as you can. So you’ll want to catch out as far as you can because it basically allows you more opportunity for fish to see your lure. Basically, the further you cast the better chance you have of hooking up on a fish.

Right now I’ve got a 9-foot, medium power St. Croix Mojo Surf. I mean, it’s not like the greatest rod out there but it’s a great, affordable beginner rod. If you want to start getting into plugging, like I am, I just started getting into this and it’s very rewarding, but, uh, it can be tricky. So my plug is out there, I’m going to keep a tense line… and look at my hand. I’m making this funny motion and I’m reeling it at the same time. Nice and slow. Something was chasing my bait the whole way back! You could see the fish jumping out, did you see it?! Yeah, I saw it! This thing causes a whole bunch of commotion at the surface of the water, and it will draw the fish up! Hi! I got a fish on! I have no idea what it is… something small… Bluefish! Ha ha ha ha! Ooh, look at it’s jaw…

Rippin’ lips! Woah! Christian, if you’re watching this, remember you told me about ripping lips? Look at that! Ha, I set the hook too hard… oh, my god, I ripped it’s lips… This is a bluefish! What I think is really interesting is how fishermen are basically constantly trying to think like the fish. I mean, when you’re out there on the beach in the morning, you see a lot of changes as time passes and the sun rises, and I think what many people don’t really realize about fishermen is how connected they really are to nature. I mean, they really try to understand why the fish think the way they do, behave they way they do, why they like to bit a lure near the surface. Does the splashing make them think it’s an injured fish? I think it’s gone- no it’s still here! Yeah-heah! That’s what I’m talking about! That topwater bite is so fun! As soon as Brendon caught one fish on his popper, his friend, James, hooked up as well because when bluefish are present they’re there in schools, and when you catch one you can expect to catch a lot, just wait for them to move through.

We doubled up! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! So, every fisherman that we’ve talked to, especially down here in Florida, they all hate bluefish… Why does everyone hate bluefish? Is it just ’cause they’re, like, annoying and you’re going for other things and there are so many of them? That’s my guess, that’s what I’ve heard, but I want you guys to tell me if you like bluefish, if you hate bluefish, why? Comment below! Whip it! There you go! Now it’s landed, close it… … reel it. Now, now you know how to work it, right? Yeah, I can’t feel it… It’s okay, just make sure you have tension. You will very likely get a fish right now.

The bluefish are hitting real hard right now, they’re all in here. Uh huh. Reel it in faster. A little bit faster, there you go. How do I know how fast to reel it? Faster! You gotta– you want to try and keep it on the surface, and this thing sinks. Ah! No wonder I can’t see it! Oh! Ohhh! Hahaha! There you go, I told you! (Oh my gosh!) Set the hook harder! Urgh! There you go! Walk down, walk down! (Hahaha!) She got it! Wow! Ahh! I don’t want to lose it! Oh, man! Bring it in, bring it in! Bring it in!! Nice!!! Alright girl, Good job! (Hah, haha!) Caught my first bluefish! That’s your first bluefish? (Yeah, this is my first bluefish!) On topwater? Nice job! So, I changed it up.

Using a piece of tin now. This thing is like, 3 ounces so it’s basically a bullet when I cast it out. Accompanied with my 9-foot rod, the reason it’s so long is so you can cast it out real far, and, basically, you can fish different columns. 1.) You want to just try and let it hit the bottom to try and let it hit the bottom and then rip it up, just jig it up and down off the bottom.

Or, you could just swim it back. What I like to do is to bounce it off the bottom. So here’s my primary set up right now, I’ve got, uh, 40 lb. Braid, you can use 20 if you want, um, and then I’ve got a line-to-line… .. To 30 lb. Fluorocarbon… … and that is attached to your lure! and I’ve got this on a big, 8000… 8000-sized reel. Alright, excuse me. I gotta go… I gotta go catch another fish. And just as it had been all morning, as soon as one person in our group found a fish, everyone else caught one as well. Brendon’s father, Michael, caught his bluefish on the same popper that I did, and we got that from Amazon, it’s called the GT Ice Cream, and it’s made of a super-hard plastic that bluefish’s teeth can’t break.

We hope, with this episode, that we helped some beginners learn the basics of beach fishing with plugs and lures. So let us know if you’ve ever tried this kind of fishing, where you’re from, what you’ve caught with it or comment and tell us how you like to fish off the beach. We’re here in Florida to explore one of the world’s most fantastic fishing locations and document the fascinating world of fish that live in Florida’s oceans. So stay tuned, and hit that subscribe button for a month filled with really cool fishing, monster fish, and all the methods you need to start catching them yourselves.

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