May 9, 2021

Fishing Advise

From The Wise Old Man

At present we gonna talk about the right way to opt for a rod in step with your fishing type. That is the variety of rod for all circular casting rod for surf fishing that is the style of rod we used in catching skipjacks thi rod is used for casting long distance minimal of 40M in a single flick maximum of 150m methods to recognize the lenght of the rod and its tip dimension and max weight to forged. This rod is for trap casting eight ft 6inc lue weight 4-21grms this rod is for giant sport surf fishing it might probably battle a Tuna it can pull a 40kg Tuna that is the rod I used after I pull a significant stingray I trap plenty of fish out of this rod this rod I used in rock fishing i take advantage of this once I goal a black drummer fish and black breams It has touchy tip tip size is not any 2 Its now not for casting i exploit this rod for go with the flow fishing usually call a fukase fishing in japan the go with the flow i use for this rod is small identical to a egg form and the opposite one is slim style its quality to watch when it bends ideal bending makes the fish fighting his own strenght without doing any effort from you the maker of this rod is specified loop this rod is 6.3m tip size no.2 this rod is use in cliff fishing or rocky places this one im making use of proper now all circular rod rod tip four-5.4m solfiesta is the maker SWEEP sequence this can be a carbon rod very mild this rod we use in skipjack fishing 5 part rod the way to maintain a rod? After fishing I frequently wash my rod by way of a contemporary water within the shower from tip of a rod all the way down to the backside far and wide reels drain all the salt water dont use a cleaning soap just undeniable water then dry it with cloth

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