September 22, 2021

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Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: The Fox International Diablo Baitcaster Reel

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Unlike many anglers, I celebrate the coming of winter. Why? Because prey fish tend to shoal up, and you’re more likely to have a successful hunt for the wily predator that pursues them: the elusive pike. I’ve always favoured pike fishing. There’s nothing more exciting than landing one of these highly effective piscine predators, complete with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. So get on your warm clothes and head out for pike. Where to look? Well, in late fall, you’ll find pike in weedy areas in fairly shallow water, less than 6′ deep. Later, in early winter, concentrate your search in deeper water, up to 15′ deep. Pike like to congregate around structures like ledges, islands and sunken trees. When I’m out for pike in winter, I need my coarse fishing tackle to be especially reliable and effective. One reel I’m partial to is the Diablo Baitcaster.

Key Features of the Diablo Baitcaster Carp Reel

The Diablo Baitcaster reel is made from strong but lightweight aluminium, so it’s comfortable to use for extended fishing sessions. It weighs just 270 grams — an ideal weight for me. When researching carp reels, I learned that this Diablo model uses a state-of-the-are gearing system that delivers incredible accuracy and exceptional smoothness. It also has a solid, built-to-last feel. Another feature I’m partial to is the Diablo Baitcaster’s adjustable braking system. Finally, the reel has a great anti-backlash system that’s quite effective at keeping overruns to a minimum.

More About the Diablo Baitcaster Reel

This premium reel has a 6.3:1 gear ratio, a single one-way roller bearing and 5 corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings. With a durable graphite main body and side cover, the Diablo reel has a stainless steel handle as well. The aluminium spool is precision machined, vented and anodised. Anodised aluminium undergoes an electrochemical process that alters its molecular structure. This hardens the aluminium and changes its colour to dark grey. Anodised aluminium is also scratch- and stain-resistant, so it will endure plenty of rough usage. This is a feature I particularly appreciate, because I must confess that I’m often quite hard on my tackle. I also like that spool removal is quick, because of the easy, one-turn side plate. The line guides are titanium-nitride coated for superior durability. The Mesh-Tech® gearing system ensures smooth and accurate casts and easy retrieves. The reel comes with a waterproof Neoprene® that fits right onto the reel when it’s fitted to the rod. The handle is changeable for both left- and right-handed anglers.

About Fox International

The UK’s Fox International company is the largest privately owned fishing tackle firm in Europe. Fox presently sells its products in 30 countries, including Russia and the USA, a fact I’m particularly proud of. The company manufactures a comprehensive line of fishing tackle, including reels, seat boxes, bite alarms and rods.

For the best in coarse fishing tackle, I highly recommend the Diablo Baitcaster reel and rate it at 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Source by Tommy Lee Jones

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