September 22, 2021

Fishing Advise

From The Wise Old Man


1. Pay attention 2. Repeat Lesson 1 pay attention and repeat Your Your My name is Stefan My title is Stefan What’s your title? What’s your name? My title is Tina My identify is Tina My identify is Michael My title is Michael the place are you from? Where are you from? I’m from Switzerland i am from Switzerland i’m from Germany i’m from Germany What language do you communicate? What language do you communicate? I converse German I speak German I speak French I converse French the place do you are living? Where do you reside? I reside in Zurich I are living in Zurich I live in Basel I live in Basel Alphabet Alphabet My name is Monika Mller. I’m from Germany. I reside in Zurich I converse German. My identify is Franceska Komini. I’m from Switzerland. I reside in Lugano. I converse italian My name is Erik Laval. I am from Canada. I live in Genf. I communicate French.

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