July 28, 2021

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Fake Casting In World Of Warcraft

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Fake Casting in WoW PvP is an advanced tactic to bate enemy players into advantageous situations. Fake Casting is basically exactly what it sounds like. To master this, you should start casting a spell, wait for it to get around half way through, and then move your character to prevent it from casting. You can also make a macro to stop casting, or jump in the air. The main purpose of this is to try to get your enemy to waste an interrupt spell early in the battle, or to move in a way that is beneficial to you. It is also referred to as juking by some players in PvP.

After you have mastered other tactics such as focus targeting and how to properly move around the arena, you should move onto this. Try to fake cast spells that you wouldn’t mind getting interrupted.

This is key. If you are a frost mage, you can fake cast polymorph or a fire spell. This way if you get silenced, sometimes it won’t affect all of your spells. Another good tip is to cast spells that have names that are easy to recognize. If you cast something with the name Heal, an opponent knows exactly what this is, and is much more likely to interrupt it. It is also better to cast long spells, to give time for the opponent to take the bait. This is usually done in the beginning of a battle but can be done later on. It takes some serious practice to figure out when you should be fake casting and when you should be regular casting. The general rule is to do it in a way that seems like you don’t know what you are doing. Run up to an enemy and immediately cast a spell from a school of magic that you don’t use very often. Most people that have their interrupt up, will try to interrupt this. If they do not interrupt, it is usually safe to cast a normal spell.

If you are the one trying to interrupt a spell caster, there are many things to remember. Never interrupt a player in the first half of their cast. Once they have passed the half way mark, it is much more likely that they intend to cast the spell. If you are an advanced player, you can use an add on to tell you which spell your opponent is casting. If you do not know what they are casting, it makes it very difficult to know whether you should interrupt or not. If the player is casting a major move, such as a heal, lightning bolt, fear, or frost bolt, you know they most likely have the intent of completely this cast. If you see a frost mage casting Fireball, you know he is probably trying to juke you. Mastering these concepts will make you an effective Fake Caster or Fake Cast interrupter.

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