September 21, 2021

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Fishing Knots: A Portable Waterproof Knot Book

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Fishing Knots: A Portable Waterproof Knot Book

Price: $9.95
(as of Feb 26,2020 11:42:29 UTC – Details)

Features the 12 best fishing knots, described and illustrated on six plastic cards. Waterproof plastic cards mean you can stash this little reference in a tackle box or on a boat for years and not worry about it getting wet! Six cards attached together in corner with a brass grommet. Featured knots: Improved Clinch, Palomar Knot, Uni-Knot, Snell Knot, Dropper Loop, Surgeon’s End Loop, Blood Knot, Albright Special, Non-Slip Loop Knot, Double Uni-Knot Surgeon’s Knot and Perfection End Loop. Every angler should have a set of these little cards in their tackle box or fishing vest!

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