September 21, 2021

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How To Cast Light Lures with a Baitcaster | Bass Fishing

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Hey folks, Glenn May here with and a common question that we get on the forums is how do I cast light baits (, lures ) on baitcasting gear, So today I’m gon na show you just how to do that. First, I wan na talk about the rod. What you want is a medium power rod with a moderate to fast action tip It’s gon na look something like this. Okay, It’s got this nice flexible, bend in it actually quite a bit quite a bit of bend in it with this real limber tip. That’S gon na help fling that bait out for you, You’re gon na use the rod to cast the bait, not your power, So we’ll get to that in just a second. But before you do that with your baitcaster. What you wan na do is, first of all, take the magnetic brakes all way off.

Magnetic brakes are here on the palm side of your reel. Then what you wan na do is to press the button and let your bait drop till it hits the ground Just let it drop all the way And then, when it hits, your spool is gon na. Stop all right If it stops just a little bit of line, that’s loose on it. You got it perfect. That’S what you wan na do So keep adjusting your spool tension knob until that …. Until you get that right, You don’t want it to hit and your spool to keep rolling. Consequently, if you’re …, conversely, if you have it too tight, then your bait isn’t gon na drop, So you find that sweet spot Once you have it set up properly. Now, you’re ready to do the cast Here’s the key lotta times when you cast the Texas rigs or heavier baits. You have about that much hanging off the tip right: Okay, not with light lures

The light lures you wan na about double that You wan na have … Well, not quite double that, but look how much I got hanging off of it. Now. It’S … that’s about two feet or so roughly that’s what you wan na have hanging off the tip. A lot of extra line hanging off it because you’re gon na use the weight of the bait to cast. Now, when you cast it’s mostly in your wrist, Really there’s not a whole lotta forearm and you definitely don’t wan na put your shoulder or arm into it And if you’re not sure how to do that. A great way to do that is just take a piece of paper, put it against your body and hold it with your elbow

Okay, that’s gon na limit your arm movement because here’s the thing it seems counterintuitive, but you don’t wan na, throw it really hard. I know that’s what you wan na do instinct … You just wan na throw it really hard to get it out there, but that’s actually counterproductive. That’S what causes all the backlashes and the problems. Instead, it’s a really light easy lob cast. Okay And again, it’s mostly with your wrist All you’re gon na do is this just hit the button and watch my wrist. I’M gon na hold it here with my hand for stability, but it’s with the wrist. That’S all it is it’s just nice and easy Real nice and easy, And when you’re casting you wan na, put your thumb on the reel lightly, just to feel the reel and if you feel the line getting loose apply a little bit more pressure to slow down. That reel, because that’s what causes the backlash!

Gon na show you one, more time Look how far out I can get Watch this Look. At, that fired it, way, out there and it was a, real light cast okay What you wan, na do is just throw it nice and easy don’t use a lotta. Power behind it Again, I’m gon na show you this real …. Show you this one more time. Look at that: okay, Really far nice and easy cast!

Play that again and over and over. You’ll see my arm didn’t move much, my shoulder, my upper body didn’t roll at all, it was my wrist, all in the wrist. That’s all you gotta do, it takes practice though, okay? You’re not gonna get it the first time you try it, I understand that. It’s gonna be a little frustrating for you at first, keep trying it, keep practicing, use the techniques I just showed you.

Make sure you have the right kinda rod first, and I’m telling you what, you will get it down, I promise you, and you’ll have a lot more fun, you’ll be able to throw nice light lures like Flukes and Senkos, and those type of things. For more tips and tricks like this, visit