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Rod Review – Airrus Rods, Sept 2007

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Throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to personally use and test many brands and types of rods. Each one is unique in it’s own way and has a character of it’s own. I have used many fine rods such as St. Croix, G. Loomis, Kistler, Daiwa, Shimano and Lamiglas. About five years ago I was introduced to a company named Sirrus Rods now known as Airrus Rods. The company was just getting going and there were not too many models to choose from but due to their incredible technological breakthroughs and perseverance, they have since grown into a World-Class Company and have many models and types of rods available. Friends, I will forewarn you, these rods will absolutely blow your socks off! Let me share a few of my recent experiences with you regarding Airrus rods. I truly hope this will serve as a guideline and help you with the next purchase of a new rod.

Airrus Achievements:

Co-Matrix 457 Rods…….ICAST 2002 Rod Category “Best of Show”

Outdoor Life……………2003 “Editors Choice” award for best baitcast rod.

Spectra ATF Rods………ICAST 2003 Rod Category “Best of Show”

Tradition Rods…………..ICAST 2004 Rod Category “Best of Show”

Field & Stream…………2004 Tradition Rod was selected as #1 for 2004.

Puls-R Rod……………..ICAST 2006 Freshwater Rod “Best of Show”

CO-MATRIX 457 Rod by Airrus

Airrus Rods have always been on the cutting edge of technology and this is extremely apparent in

each and every model of their rods. The first rod I would like to share some information about is the

Co-Matrix 457. The rod I tested was a 7′ Medium Heavy Fast action casting rod. I used the Brand New

Ardent XS 1000 reel with 15LB-Berkley fluorocarbon line. The Co-Matrix not only has an abundant

amount of power, but it is also extremely sensitive. This rod is unique in the fact that two different

manufacturing processes were used in this one rod. This is how Airrus describes this process…

“Filament winding, which is used in the lower section of the rod to provide maximum hook set and

castability and our proprietary Multi-Modulus tip section, designed to provide the ultimate combination

of lure presentation, rod control and sensitivity”. This rod and reel combination allowed me to make

incredibly long cast and still keep accuracy as a priority as well as control. I was using a 5″ weightless

stickworm and allowing it to sink and then bringing it back to the surface again for the repeated

process. The Co-Matrix was so sensitive that I could feel every single piece of structure that was

present. That’s how a MH 7′ rod should feel in my opinion! The problem is, to many longer heavier

power rods feel like, well…. Long heavy power rods, which is not very conducive to an all day fishing


I found this rod to be very well balanced right out of the package. But, just in case you might be

using a heavier reel or a lighter reel than I was using, Airrus has put a removable nylon cap in the butt

section of the rod so that one can add weight to ensure that the proper balance is achieved. I will tell

you right from the start, the folks at Airrus have thought of about everything and put it to use in their

line-up of rods. The handle of the rod was unlike any I have ever seen. Airrus calls it the “Comfort

Grip” handle. The handle incorporates high quality Portuguese cork and a material called Hypalon. The

Hypalon section is located right where the hand rests on the rod handle and is the most sensitive and

comfortable material I have ever experienced. Airrus uses Fuji Hardloy guides with “Concept” spacing

and a Fuji ECSM graphite filled Nylon 6 reel seat which is a deadly combination when it comes to

sensitivity. The Co-Matrix retails for between $94.95 and $125.95 depending on which model you

choose. It’s available in casting, spinning, flip & pitch and crankin’ models. There are 19 models in the

baitcast series and 11 models in the spinning series. In my opinion, this rod will keep up with any rod

on the market costing twice as much!

SPECTRA ATF Rod by Airrus

The next Airrus rod I tested was the Spectra ATF spinning rod in the 7′ Medium Power Fast action

model. Within minutes, I could definitely see why Airrus won the “Best of Show” in 2003 at the

ICAST Show with this rod. It is an extremely precise and sensitive rod. This rod contains another

Airrus technology breakthrough called “Selective Sensitivity”. Airrus is the first company to ever use

multi-fiber filament winding to a rod blank with the addition of spectra fiber to the filament wound

matrix in the lower section of the rod blank. When they added spectra fiber to the matrix, they were

able to dampen the vibrations, which effect casting distance and accuracy, as well as increase the rods

sensitivity. This might sound very technical to you and believe me, it is. You can actually see the

difference in the internal construction of an Airrus rod through the paint! This is the type of technology

that has made me a true Airrus fan. The ATF was a pretty light feeling rod, but had plenty of backbone

to get the job done. This rod was combined with the new Ardent S-400M spinning reel with PLine Halo

in 10LB test and the distance achieved while casting was phenomenal. I was throwing 4″ stickworms

wacky-rigged with this set-up. I also put this rod to the test by using it as a drop-shot rig and dropping

the weight on the line down to 6LB test. I was extremely impressed with the way the Spectra ATF

performed in both scenarios! The Spectra ATF also uses the “Comfort Grip” system of high grade

Portuguese cork and Hypalon, but also has a 4″ removable Hypalon butt extension that comes with the

rod. Once again, the Hypalon is located right where your hand rest for ultimate comfort and sensitivity.

When you add the butt section on the rod, this allows you to throw your lure even farther by using the

two-handed casting method for more leverage. The nylon butt cap is also incorporated into this rod for

weight and balance purposes and the Spectra AFT uses Fuji Alconite guides at the “Concept” spacing

as well. The reel seat provided increased sensitivity as Airrus uses Fuji ECSM exposed blank seats. I

would put this rod up against ANY rod on the market and the incredible part is the rod only cost

$149.95. I have paid over twice that amount for rods that were far inferior to the Spectra ATF. The

Spectra series consist of 5 casting models and 3 spinning models to suit your fishing needs.

PULS-R Rod by Airrus

The next rod in the Airrus family I had the pleasure of testing was the Puls-R Series. It’s beautiful

deep maroon color had me starring at this rod for some time before I even put a reel on it. The attention

to craftsmanship that Airrus puts into each and every rod in every series is simply amazing. One does

not find this kind of quality elsewhere. I found out that the Puls-R Series went even one step farther

and once again, Airrus has developed a totally new concept in rod building. Charles at Airrus Rods

would explain the process as such, “The Puls-R is the latest in high performance Composite rods from

Airrus and represents a rod built with the latest in state of the art Multi-Fiber Filament winding

combined with the latest advances in Carbon Fiber Nano Tube epoxy resin systems”. This is most

definitely the best of both worlds in one rod. It also happened to be the most sensitive rod I have ever

laid my hands on. In the lower portion of the rod blank, graphite fibers are combined with a new S2

glass fiber at a ratio of one fiber of glass for every one and a half fibers of graphite. I tested the 6’9″

Medium Heavy Power with a fast tip in the casting model. I paired the Puls-R with the Brand New

Ardent C400 baitcaster (holy smokes!!!) with 12 LB PLine Halo, tied on a spinnerbait and I was off to


The first thing I noticed was the incredible sensitivity that was reflected through the handle. You

see, this rod does not use material like cork or Hypalon on the handle like the aforementioned rods do.

The Puls-R rod handle is a full contact grip that is internally fused to the blank. It’s like you are holding

on to the megaphone end of a one-piece unit. It was like I was holding a custom built rod that was made

just for me! I could feel each turn of the spinnerbait blade and every piece of structure as I was slow

rolling the spinnerbait in. The Puls-R had a very fast and sensitive tip, but plenty of backbone when I

set the hook and wrestled the 5 1/2LB largemouth out of a thick bed of weeds. The Puls-R is by far the

most “Pristine” rod I had ever used! To make things even more top notch and custom, Airrus uses a

proprietary split reel seat to ensure the maximum rod-hand contact as well as locking wraps on the

single footed guides. The guides they use on the Puls-R are super hard lightweight double swagged

guides with TiCA inserts and frame which means that your inserts will not fall out or crack anymore.

The Puls-R is available in 5 casting models and 3 spinning models. The rod retails for $249.99, which

is an absolute steal for the quality and craftsmanship that the Puls-R possesses. The rod is a slight bit

heavier than I expected, but it was NOT an issue as it balanced extremely well. There are 5 casting

models available and 3 spinning models to best suit your applications.

I truly can not think of anything negative to say regarding the Airrus rod line-up. I am aware that

this is a product review, but these rods are truly amazing! I cannot offer advice because these fine folks

at Airrus have mastered rod building on a futuristic level. The only small detail is that a few models are

slightly heavier than expected, but that was not a problem at all considering the clever balancing system

Airrus has incorporated in the butt section of their rods. Below are a few details that stick out in my

mind as real positives regarding the Airrus line of rods.

1.Incredible attention to detail.

2.Unmatched craftsmanship.

3.The latest and greatest cutting edge technology combined into a revolutionary fishing rod.

4.Beautiful flawless cosmetics.

5.Mammoth casting distance is achieved throughout the Airrus series of rods.

6.Very affordable! Less than half the price of competitors with an inferior product!

7.The most pristine and sensitive rods I have ever laid my hands on. Each any every rod from Airrus

8.makes you feel like you are using a custom made rod.

9.A plethora of models available to fit any budget, technique, style or fishing situation.

Source by G. Wayne Byrd

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