March 8, 2021

Fishing Advise

From The Wise Old Man

South Bend Ready2Fish Fishing Tackle Box with 136 Pieces, Medium, Blue / Grey

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Price: $19.99 - $16.88

136-piece kit includes a premium assortment of floats, swirltail grubs, swirltail worms, swim shads, mini tubes, tin jig heads, tin splitshot, brass snap swivels, hooks, hooks disgorger, and a 6-foot poly stringerIncludes all the gear you need to go from fishing novice to a well-equipped pro2 tray construction facilitates easy accessibilityHard plastic tackle box comfortably holds all equipment and simplifies transporting gear from home to the water and back againSleek blue and gray exteriorSuitable for use by anglers of all skill levels

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