September 21, 2021

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STOP Getting Snagged While Pier Fishing!

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Hey everyone! Today, we are at Jacksonville pier and I’ve got a really cool method I wanna show you So, piers are notorious for snags I’ve got a good work-around for it It’s this rig called the Float Rig And this rig will allow you to keep above all those snags above all the-the-the debris on the bottom allow you to fish deep without getting snagged So here’s the basic rig: It’s a sliding float- just like this I choose the unweighted ones I attach beads to stop it from from sliding an egg sinker to keep my bait down this allows me to cast my float pretty far Um, and I’ve got more beads just so that it doesn’t bang up my knots This goes to a swivel and a leader line right here to a hook with a live shrimp on it This method, you basically are able to float it out with the outgoing tide or cast it out and float it in with an incoming tide It’s a- it’s a really nice rig to avoid The bottom, but still be able to fish deep I’m gonna show you some tricks that I like to do with this bobber Alright, let’s get fishing, guys! ‘Sup, Mike? how are you doin’? [Mike:] Good.

Couple misses, two dinks, [Brendon:] Ok, alright [Mike:] And a partridge in a pear tree [Brendon:] Is that Phil? [Phil:] Hey, what’s up? [Brendon:] Hey, Phil Darren, hey! How are you guys? [Mike:] Did you throw that in a fish’s mouth!? [Brendon:] I think. I got one! [Brendon:] First fish on a float [Mike:] Now, is that good or bad? [Mike:] Cuz I- I’ve been fishing before, And first cast, just like that, I caught a fish [Brendon:] And then no- [Mike:] And then caught nothing the rest of the day [Brendon:] Yea Yea I’m not sure. Let’s see [Mike:] We’ll find out] [Brendon:] No, I’m feeling lucky [Mike:] You didn’t bring a banana on the boat, did you? [Brendon:] No, I brought 2 [Mike:] I have hot dogs, sandwhiches [Brendon:] Hot dogs [Mike:] For real, dude [Brendon:] Woo! There we go That’s awesome Ok first, you gotta make sure you set the depth correctly Um Depending on how deep this beach is or what kind of structure’s on the beach You’re gonna need to adjust your bobber stopper To match the depth of the area you’re fishing A lot of times, I see people fishing way too shallow and they don’t end up hitting any fish You can tell if you’re on the bottom If you’re too deep if your bobber is just looking really wonky You want it to be sittin’ straight up, moving naturally with the waves Usually, I start up by just dropping it straight down Checking the depth, making sure everything’s ok Then as it moves out, As the bobber moves out, I’m opening my bail and letting line out But not too much line You wanna find a nice balance because when a fish hits, You wanna have enough tension to set the hook And it’s ok if waves pound at your bobber because it stays afloat Just as long as it’s set to the correct depth, you’re ok Lady! What’d you get there? [Erin:] Lady fish [Brendon:] Lady fish, we could use this for bait or we could let him go [Erin:] Up to you [Brendon:] Let’s let it go [Erin:] ok [Brendon:] Got one? Nice [Mike:] Yea, Erin! [Brendon:] That’s a shark! Nice! [Erin:] Can you help me get it up? [Brendon:] Yea, hold on.

We’re gonna- we’re gonna net this [Erin:] Are you sure? [Mike:] Oh sweet. That’s awesome [Erin:] That’s ok, I’m fine with that [Mike:] That’s the best news ever [Brendon:] Aw, you lost your hook [Erin:] Yea, I lost my hook [Brendon:] On a shrimp, huh? [Erin:] It got a new piercing, Yea! On a shrimp! [Brendon:] Onthe float- you caught a shark on a float! [Erin:] So I- I was watching my float and it literally just went like this down really slow and when I set it- it was a shark [Mike:] Look at that- look at that pod of dolphins, bro straight out over there [Brendon:] Oh yea, I see ’em [Mike:] 3 different ones [Brendon:] I see ’em [Brendon:] Oh yea If you’re not getting any bites but you kind of know that there’s fish around, you can give it a little pop like this and this creates a little more motion in your bait- maybe your bait is a little lethargic It kinda wakes it up a little bit and it kinda moves it around a little bit um, a lot of times I’ll give it a little twitch and on its way down, it gets hit again [Brendon:] Erin, you got it? [Erin:] Alright! [Stranger:] Nice fish! 25 [Brendon:] Oh, you got one! Woah! [Erin:] This must be a skate or something [Brendon:] Run it, run it down! Run it down! It’s running you Now if it’s- if it’s pullin’ Go up over everyone [Erin:] It’s probably a ray Oh! My god, I’m gonna lose my spool! What do I do!? there [Brendon:] You had to Oh my gosh, you lost your bobber, everything Oh man That was crazy! [Erin:] I know [Brendon:] It just went ZZZZZZZ Darn You had to snap it or you were gonna lose everything Your hand’s shaking? oh my gosh A shot of adrenaline, huh? [Erin:] Yea It just- it just took it and started- it just went [Brendon:] But, what if it was a tarpon!? [Erin:] But it wasn’t [Brendon:] How do you know? [Erin:] I didn’t feel any head shakes [Brendon:] Oh yea, you know what a tarpon feels like, right? [Erin:] I don’t think it was.

I just don’t [Brendon:] This is my favorite part about pier fishing: There’s always so many different species It’s always a nice mystery, and it’s- it’s a nice surprise to see what you can catch Erin, you hit like a- a couple of sharks a ray [Erin:] Yea, that was crazy [Brendon:] That’s awesome [Erin:] That was my first time getting spooled out, I think [Brendon:] Yea, and that was Erin’s first time getting spooled out. That’s pretty crazy Anyways, this float rig is very versatile. It can catch all sorts of different kinds of fish Worked great. We didn’t- we didn’t get snagged. I mean, You did lose your rig to a shark, but Other than that, it’s a good rig Right? [Erin:] Yea [Brendon:] Thank you guys for watching Here at Hey Skipper, we want to help as many people as possible get onto fish We do this by Providing you guys video tutorials and- and ebooks as well uh, and this is all available on our website If you wanna learn some more information, step-by-step guides, step-by-step instructionals Check out our website Thanks for all the support, guys I’ll see ya next week

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