May 9, 2021

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The Art of Using a Baitcasting Fishing Reel, For The Beginner Anglers

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One of the most common sights on fishing trips is a professional wielding a baitcasting fishing reel and making the whole process seem effortless. The few beginners who have attempted to imitate fishing professionals have found out sooner than later that the task is not as easy as it appears. Using a bait casting reel requires some practice before you can successfully master the skill and perform it with finesse just as you witness in movies as professionals chat and fish with ease. Using a bait reel offers anglers enhanced control unlike other types of reels. The bait reels also ensure that you can place the lures almost anywhere even right up to the shoreline.

What most people who seek to use bait fishing reels do not know is that these gadgets also have a reputation for being tricky to handle. You will require a lot of patience and endless hours practicing on how to handle the bait fishing reel before you can get bragging rights. Once you get proper technique and know how to get right settings coupled with the state of the art equipment you will be on your way to being a professional at fishing with the bait casting reel.

Getting it right with a baitcasting fishing reel is a process that you will have to observe solemnly. The first step is mastering how to hold the reel correctly. Most beginners assume that they should hold the reel in an upright position; however this is not the correct way of holding the contraption. Once the fisherman presses a freespool button they should hold the spool in position using the thumb. Then with the spool in place they should turn the rod sideways, this has the effect of getting the handle of the reel to rest in the upward position. This is the recommended position of the reel throughout the casting.

The reel button should be gradually released when it is halfway in order to allow the line out. Backlashes are very common in such instances; to prevent this you should put slight pressure on the spool using the thumb so as to allow the lure to fly out enabling the speed of the spool to be equal with that of the line. Usually most beginners fail when it comes to understanding the right amount of pressure to apply on the spool. Mastering this skill will take a lot of practice and time but with patience you will finally master it.

One of the advantages of modern baitcasting fishing reel is that they often have centrifugal brakes. These brakes are ideal for assisting beginners and they get activated through the spinning of the spool. In a way the brakes acts like an automatic thumb thus helping you control the spool. You set the system by turning the knob firmly in the clockwise direction; once you are satisfied you then put pressure on the freespool button. In order to have the reel fine-tuned correctly turn the knob in anti-clockwise direction and let it fall; ensure you don’t jiggle the rod as you release the pressure off the spool.

Source by Kenneth Lee Chin Ming

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